Finding a suitable pair of work boots is not an easy task. They can not only protect you from accidentally fallen heavy objects, should you pick carefully, they can also shield you from slippery surfaces, exposed nails, icy temperatures, and even electrical charges. There’s additionally the small factor of comfort. The only issue worse than standing around all day is standing around all day in an exceedingly poor fitted boot. The correct work boots will provide your feet the support that they require.

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While the significance of work boots is self-evident, picking the best one can be somewhat more complex. Should you consider by brand or by cost? Should you go one size up or one size down? In this review you will find the best work boots, which are going to take on any rough challenge and come out in one piece.

Thorogood American Heritage Safety Toe

Seemingly the most fashionable boot on the list, the Thorogood American Heritage is built in tobacco tanned skin with a white cotton lining. The full-grain leather looks and feels incredible, and the sewing is superb. They may go up a touch high for some yet they look awesome.

Shockingly for such high boots, they are additionally nice and breathable, making them a decent boot for working in the sun. Because of both a shock endurance sole and an extra embed, they are more than comfortable, with truly no break in period. Note the sewing around the whole sole of this boot, in addition to the Goodyear welt permits the boot to be reconstructed if you want to.

The Pros:

  • Leather
  • Rubber Sole
  • Slip Resistant
  • Comfortable

The Cons:

  • Poor Quality Of Shoe Laces: Difficult To Keep Them Tied
  • Not For Wide Feet Shape As The Toe Box Is Narrow


Even though it requires occasional maintenance but it is a pair which will provide you with maximum comfort. Even if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can always return it within the first 30 days for a full refund. So what’s stopping you from taking the jump from your old shoes?

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Keen Utility Men’s Tacoma Steel Toe

If at any point there was a boot that is simply made for work, the Keen Tacoma steel toe work boot is it.

The Tacoma’s waterproof upper keeps the outside of your boot from getting wet, while the Dri-Lex covering keeps feet dry within.

One of the greatest criticisms that is scrutinized about safety toe boots is their weight. All things considered, work boots are sufficiently heavy without adding steel to them. This is an issue that Keen has attempted to tackle with their Tacoma boot. Rather than covering a full fifth of the boot in steel, they just cover your toes i.e. it’s greater over your big toe than it is over your smaller ones. The skid-safe sole keeps you from slipping in oil and water, while strengthening the boots toughness.

The Pros:

  • High Quality Leather
  • Manmade Sole
  • Abrasion Resistant Touch-Tec Leather
  • Steel Toe
  • Dri-Lex Footwear Lining With Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic 2-Zone Comfort Technology
  • Goodyear Welt Construction

The Cons:

  • Despite The Tacoma Development On Reducing Weight, It Is Still Heavy Compared To A Few Similar Boots.
  • The Toe Box Is Narrow Due To Which You Can Get Blisters If You Are Slightly Wide Footed
  • Lug Soles Are Inflexible Which Can Get Annoying


You can use the Tacoma for standing, walking and jumping. It is one of a kind boot, which will give you comfort and durability throughout the day. Good boots are imperative for not only comfort but your health as well and indeed it keeps your posture and body alignment correct while working. The Tacoma is like your onsite right hand man. You won’t regret spending the money because these boots are worth every penny.

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Danner Men’s Quarry GTX 8″ AT Boot

Danner’s most likely the least popular name with work boots, yet they really make some good quality boots. For example, their Men’s Quarry line. Produced using triple sewed full grain cow skin, the Quarry GTX is a handmade boot that is assembled to last.

In case you’re searching for a boot which also works in winter, the GTX is perfect. Regarding style, the dark leather, white sewed stitches and orange bands consolidate to make it look really impressive. The boots have a rich look to them. Another very uncommon element of these boots is their flexible memory foam which is embed. At the point where the memory foam is joined with the Vibram sole, the outcome is fantastically comfortable. Safety highlights include a composite front toe, electric resistivity and a sole that is slip, oil and abrasion safe.

The Pros:

  • Leather
  • Vibram Sole
  • Triple Stitched For Increased Durability
  • Waterproof Gore-Tex Liner
  • Memory Foam Insert For Comfort
  • Hand-Crafted Stitch Down Construction
  • Full Grain Leather For Superior Protection And A Classic Look

The Cons:

  • Some boots are made in China: Even though their ad claims that they are all manufactured in USA.
  • The quality is poor if you get a Chinese one. It will fall apart quickly.


The Quarry has proved itself as a great investment. The product arrives in time and 91% of customers say the size fits as expected. It has received a great user rating on the Amazon store. If you are getting the original American one, you are in for a treat.

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Types of Working Boots for Specific Purposes

The Best Pull-on Work Boots


According to a survey, 25% of the workplace accidents are foot accidents therefore the importance of a work boot cannot be downplayed. Pull- work boots, also known as slip-on shoes shields your toes against extremely low temperature, sharp nails, electrocution, preventing the risk of serious injuries to a great extent. The best slip-on work boot aids you getting your purposes fulfilled in the most distraction-free manner. Pull on work boots are made to reduce the pressure from your feet when you are standing for extensive hours. These boots offer amazing advantages to professionals who got to deal with heavy machineries in the work place. For example, welders, labourers working in the power plants would reap optimal benefit from slip-on shoes. If you want something more design-specific and advanced, browse the web or refer to reliable sources to find a use-case specific welding boot or an impeccable electricity-resistant boot.

Slip-on work boots can take of the pressure points on the feet like nothing else. Furthermore, putting on the footwear is super easy, no need of jostling around with shoelace. Just slip it in and you’re good to go. What makes these shoes an indelible choice in rough and merciless terrains is its safety features. It protects your feet from developing serious wounds if a heavy tool accidentally falls on it. Being made of 100% leather, they can tolerate the wear and tear of time like breeze. That’s not all, when you’re working in a freezing cold temperature, the extra layer of insulation placed inside the shoe helps keeping the feet warm. My top picks for the best pull on work boots would be Ariat Workhog Pull On Waterproof Boot, The Wolverine Multishox Romeo and the Caterpillar Revolver Steel Toe Pull On Boot.

The Best Waterproof Work Boots


Unless you spend most of your time in a desert, there are high chances that your boots are going to be exposed to water almost every day. When you are going to spend on a dependable boot, why not making sure it has a good waterproof rating? A standard waterproof work boot works in two ways to keep the water from damaging your shoe and comfort. First, it keeps your feet dry and secondly it fights off the humidity to stop he build up of perspiration. When you’re out on selecting a high rated waterproof shoe, you need to be very particular about your requirements. If you’re some who needs an all-inclusive boot, a sturdy leather shoe will be sufficient for you. On the other hand, if your job requires you to spend 99.5 percent of the time in water, you can’t but settle for the best leather work boot with waterproof waxing.

Apart from leather, rubber also acts as a brilliant material in damp locations keeping your feet nice and dry. The best rubber boot in the market not only has tremendous anti-perspirant properties but it also bursts the myth that waterproof boots can’t be as comfortable as its counterparts. You can completely dip your feet in water and still feel dry as before when you’ve a rubber boot on. You’ll be glad to know these boots are available for both men and women. My recommendations for the best shoes in this category will be The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot, Viking Men’s Journeyman Steel Toe Work Boot and The Original MuckBoots Adult Muckmaster Hi-Cut Boot.

Purchasing the Best Winter Work Boots When it’s Freezing Cold

Best Winter Work Boots

When it comes to rating the causes of industrial accidents, icing cold temperature would always secure a top place. With cold weather come other challenges like snowfall and rain. To keep your feet warm when the mercury stoops too low, you need a solid pair of insulated boots. In order to pick out the best winter wok boot for yourself, the first thing to stress upon would be figuring out how cold it gets. If it goes below -10 degrees, you will require a boot with a thinsulate lining devised in it. This is the most advanced form of insulation material for work boots. The next aspect to consider is the safety toe, in this case, your first and foremost choice should be a composite toe as it doesn’t conduct heat unlike steel. Finally, for all-around protection in adverse climatic conditions, your footwear must have a high waterproof rating.

As I mentioned above, thinsulate gram rating is the biggest deciding factor when you’re shopping for a winter work boot worth counting on. Thinsulate material has an extraordinary capacity to induce high insulation, the gram rating is nothing but a testament of the material’s capability to build up insulation. Most top brands offer a gram rating from 100-1000, while 200g-400g will do you well enough in moderately cold conditions, you should consider a higher rating only if it too damn cold. My top picks for this category would be Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock Waterproof ST work boot and Wolverine Men’s Gold 6” Insulated Waterproof Boot.

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The Best Construction Boots for Ultimate Safety


Work boots are way different from casual boots by technical standards. Work boots are strategically made to cater to certain needs. There are just as many types of work boots as the diversity of work sites. Folks who are working at construction sites are apparently at a higher risk of developing serious foot injuries than a person from another industry. Constructions sites are very unforgiving by nature, workers have to constantly set their feet on all kinds of surfaces, be it dead dry or soft, muddy or slippery. The customary feature of best construction work boot is robust protection of your feet against constant battering. For that, it has to be geared with an anti-puncture lining and a steel or aluminum safety toe. Plus it must serve impeccable flexibility to help in easy bending, climbing, kneeling and lifting along with ankle guard for full coverage.

One more thing you need to be careful about is the fitting. Neither it should be too tight nor too loose. You need to be able to move freely in at the job site. On that note, let me warn you that construction boots take a while to feel comfortable as they are designed to stay upright in tough conditions. It might feel stiff for the first few weeks but gradually it will contour to the shape of your feet. The best products in this section are Timberland PRO men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot, Caterpillar Men’s Endure 6” Superduty Waterproof Steel Toe, Wolverine Men’s W08289 Steel Toe boot and Keen Utility Men’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot.

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Boots for Comfort


Individuals who work at long shifts standing such as security guards often complaint about terrible sore in the leg muscles, feet swelling, muscle fatigue, insomnia and lower back pain. The good news is technologically has progressed so far that today we have boots purported to curb pressure on the toe for people who work for long hours standing. You may wonder what kind of dangers might possibly be involved when you’re standing for long. The problem is our anatomy. Human body isn’t meant to stand for 8-10 hours at a stretch. Unless you’ve a pair of specially designed boots, the health issues can get really nasty. You fixation in this regard should be with comfort than anything else. Check out the sole of the boot thoroughly, a quality insole will engineer anti-fatigue technology along with guaranteeing long-lasting comfortable all day. Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer 8” Contour Welt/Waterproof Boot, Thorogood Men’s 6” Moc Toe Boot have successfully passed with flying colours in my stringent quality test.

Best Logger Boots


Does your job demands you to tread in rough, uneven surfaces often? The most labour-intensive jobs are performed in nowhere but the logging industry. Gearing yourself up with high quality preventive measures is inevitable before stepping into the job site. There are only a handful of brands that specialize in making premium shock-proof logger boots with great ankle support. A solid pair of logger infallibly helps you stay upright on the slippery floor, the long size of the heel provides a good grip on all kinds of surfaces. The material has to be 100% waterproof yet pleasingly breathable for effective flexibility and comfort. Water resistant waxed leather is the most common choice of material in the construction of logger boots. Finally, the boot has to be equipped with a top-end shrank for great additional support at the work site. Chippewa Men’s 9” Waterproof Steel Toe Super Logger Boot, Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest Work Boot and Carolina Men’s Plain Toe Work Briar Man-Made Boot have set a benchmark for the others.

Fear from the height?


Say, if you are an electrician or mason whose major part of the day is spent on climbing ladders, the most critical feature in your work boot is the heels. It has to feature a tall heel that sits firmly on the surface and provides decent sole traction. Comfort is important too. Make sure the boot is lightweight and breathable. The insole should minimize the pressure from your leg muscles to decrease fatigue. Before jumping to any conclusion, make sure all the aforementioned features are present in your purchase. One bad choice and you might have to pay for it for a life time. The undisputed winner in this department is Thorogood American Heritage 6” Moc Toe boot.

Significant Factors to Consider While Shopping for Work Boots

Understand the different types of safety toes

Safety toes are specifically meant for keeping your toes safe against the hazardous external elements in the work field. When you’re handling a task in a rough terrain, the safety toe is vital to ensure maximum safety from potential injuries, blisters, lacerations and many other common issues. Earlier you had to choose only between steel and aluminum toes, now days you can also go for a more reliable substitution called composite toe. Let’s take a brief look at al the three types.

Steel Toe Work Boots

The best steel toe work boot was, is and always will be the first choice of an experienced professional. Despite of the introduction of more advanced materials, the toughness of steel is still unmatched. Steel toe boots are primarily designed for heavy-duty works. The biggest downside of steel toes is its conductivity. It acts an impeccable conductor to temperature which means if you are to spend a large amount of time working in terrible weather conditions, the temperature will be transferred inside the both through the steel.

Aluminum Toe Work Boots

If you’re looking for the best lightweight work boot, an aluminum toe is exactly what you need. Plus, aluminum tackles abuses and crushing force almost as efficiently as steel. Unfortunately, aluminum, like steel is also a good conductor of temperature.

Composite Toe Work Boots

Composite safety toes comes to play when both of the above mentioned materials fail to provide protection. The best composite toe work boot delivers optimal comfort and security from both weather and outdoor elements for long hours due to their non-metallic construction. Composite toes are normally made from high quality carbon fibre, Kevlar or plastic.

Resistance Against Electricity

Folks who are working in power plants or factories are constantly exposed to high voltage current. If you too are among them, you need a work boot designed specifically protect against sudden electrical surge and static dissipation in the work zone. Electrical hazard boots are compulsorily made from non-conductive materials that reduce the chances of electrocution. Static dissipation boots feature a unique conductive insole in order to minimize the surge of static electricity.

Boot Construction Type

What distinguishes the best safety shoes from a bundle of ordinary work boots is the quality of construction and used material. If you want the best value for money deal, paying close attention to the construction of the boot is absolutely essential. The most widely preferred construction method includes the use of a leather or rubber outsole. The upper and lower sole attached by a strip of material called welt. The most rugged work boot utilizes a strong synthetic welt in the construction for optimal force resistance and durability.

Waterproofing and Insulation

Having water inside my boot is probably the last thing I’d like to have in my life! Decent work boot irrespective of its brand and price has to be waterproof. In the United States, making the boots waterproof is a customary safety standard every manufacturing firm abides by. Waterproof boots are not only comfortable to put on for a prolonged time but it’s really a savior in places where the temperature hits below zero degree Celsius. The best waterproof boot is fit to wear even in a temperature around -30 degrees.

The higher the insulation, the most warmth is generated inside the boot. Whereas high insulation is a great thing to have when your feet are exposed to extremely cold location, it can prove to be an inducer of nightmarish sweat in summer. So before finalizing your purchase, consider the environment of your work place carefully.

Sole and Heel

While shopping for the best comfortable work boot for your specific needs, you need to make sure the pair of boots you’re planning to buy features a good quality slip and oil resistant sole. Because you see, slippery surfaces are painfully common in outdoor locations. You should also aim for a puncture resistant plate that will safeguard your nails against crushing force. If your occupation demands frequent climbing on the ladder, your special attention should be towards the heel. For a firm grip on a shaky surface, the heel of the boot should be at least ¾ inch high with a minimum bevel of 45 degrees.


It’s pretty obvious that lightweight work boots maximize the comfort level and ultimate flexibility while you’re tackling a project. Heavy boots are tough to carry in challenging terrains as your feet get quickly fatigued. You don’t have to struggle hard to find a pair of solid and lightweight protective work boots perfectly suitable for your job.


Simply put, if you’re spending a bewildering amount of time laboring your socks off in the work field, you need a pair of the best comfortable work boot for money. Although your first priority should be the safety features, ensuring maximum comfort on your feet must not be overlooked at all. Sometimes, in an effort to meet the other rime requirements such as high protection and waterproofing, the shoe may take a month or so to feel desirably comfortable. A footwear that doesn’t feel like a burden not only boosts your productivity but keeps you free from distractions.


Railroad workers, loggers, machinists, welders and the likes whose profession demands them to carry heavy objects should go for work boots equipped with metatarsal guards. Characterwise, this guard is much similar to steel toes but the latter provides protection to a much larger area of your feet, thanks to its additional ankle and calf support.


What can be worse than a poorly fit footwear? Nothing. While purchasing a suitable shoe for professional shoe, ensuring a good fit is of paramount importance. The only way to ascertain a perfect fit is giving a trial to a couple of sizes until you find the right one. If you notice any pinching or hotspots in the shoe, you better move on to the next as these issues may trigger utter discomfort in the long run.

Brand Name

In case of products as important as protective gears, brand name always plays a big role in determining the quality of a product. Purchasing a footwear from a trusted brand guarantees stunning performance and durability. Plus their products are backed by a limited period warranty. So if anything goes wrong with the boot, you won’t regret your purchase. Another perk of purchasing shoes from a popular brand is that they have a large collection of different sizes and designs for both men and women. Struggling to find the best work boot for women? Browse the web for the brands specializing in making ladies’ work boots.

What are the best work boots brands?

Red Wing

Owning a Red Wing work boot is a dream for almost everyone. Even though you might need to break a bank to purchase the best Red Wing work boot, the stylish exterior and incredible comfort is alone worth the admission of the price. This company is in the business for as much as 80 years. Their exclusive heritage line products come at a cost of around $3xx a pair. If money isn’t an issue for you, Red Wing boots are the best money can buy when it comes to versatile footwears for professionals.


When we are talking about the most reputed brands in this industry, Timberland emerges as a stalwart of designing the most stylish, rugged and comfortable need-specific boots. Their international standard and quality materials have earned them an overwhelming recognition worldwide. There boots barely have any break in period which is attractive for those who are looking for the slip on boot in the market. However, if your priority is durability, you may look for other options.


Wolverine work boots are known for utilizing a special technology to heighten maximum comfort for the wearer which is called Multishox Comfort System. Although the technology has faced considerable criticism from many quarters, it has garnered many positive reviews from the existing customers. If your focus is getting your hands laid on the most comfortable work boot, Wolverine is the one-stop junction for you. In spite of having no practical break in time, Wolverine products can survive the ravage of time effectively.


Caterpillar also makes highly comfortable work boots made from top-grade materials. The price of almost all of their products is within an affordable range. However, their shoes do take a lot of time to break in. You can’t expect regular usage immediately after wearing. Nonetheless, the shoes can last for long years unless you’re unlucky. No wonder Caterpiller is known to make some of the best work boots in the world.


While it might not have got a worldwide acknowledgement unlike the four names mentioned above, Keen products are definitely worth a try and offers a great bang for buck if taken well care of. The only reason I have included I this list is because Keen makes the lightest safety toes I know. Moreover, the boots are aesthetically pleasing and can be yours for a reasonable sum of money.

Concluding this Epic Work Boots Guide

Buying the correct boot can be very complicated and tiring. However, the above list would have made it much easier to see clearly which ones to choose from. Always consider the boot not just for its specs but also for how well it fits in your work routine.

While all the pairs mentioned above are able to compete with each other, there is only one which is above the rest -The Keen Tacoma. It is an intricate work of good design and strength, which will keep you on your feet for continuous hours. Definitely worth buying.

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